RATT – Round and Round | Cover | Custom Soldano SLO

RATT Round and Round cover for you today folks!!! Some months ago I played a gig where this song was on the set. I rehearsed it at home and captured the rehearsal – it was the first time I was taking my custom built Soldano SLO for a proper workout so this was the perfect opportunity to work out the tones, switching, effects, etc – which were all done via the awesome Boss Tube Amp Expander and the Hotone Ampero Control midi switcher. Enjoy and have an amazing day!


Soldano SLO Custom Build Videos:

Soldano SLO Custom Build Part 1:   https://youtu.be/z4ggbbPe7pU

Soldano SLO Custom Build Part 2:   https://youtu.be/RH_iPlTjncA

Soldano SLO Custom Build Part 3:   https://youtu.be/mmy9YCAEddM

Soldano SLO Custom Build Part 4:   https://youtu.be/JQno3Roq54k

For the tones I used my Jay Parmar Signature ‘Hero Cabs’ Impulse Response Pack: 

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