As a musician myself, I understand how much time and work goes into the creation of music. Many hours are spent learning an instrument, honing your craft, writing your songs and finally recording some stunning tracks. We literally put your heart and soul into the whole process of creating great music!

So, you’re asking yourself ‘what is the benefit in hiring you Jay?’

Look at me as a facilitator who will help you produce the best sounding songs that you can imagine. Dynamic, punchy, exciting, thrilling, something that you want to listen to over and over again.

There is much to gain from allowing me to produce your music;

  •  It frees up your time and head space so that you can completely immerse yourself and focus on the process of playing, writing and recording your music. You get to do all the fun stuff!

  • Your tracks will be mixed and mastered quickly and efficiently. I am in the studio everyday – this is what I do. So, whilst you’re writing your next hit song, I’ll be working in the background making your music sound amazing.

  • You’ll bring on board my 20 plus years of recording, mixing, mastering and playing which will help deliver simply stunning sounding songs.

Together we can take your songs to new heights.

Have a listen to some samples of the music below, and if my mixing style and sound resonate with you then maybe we should work together.

Here’s one to get your started – and there are more below…

Every song is different, hence every mix is different. When I mix your songs I will approach them with fresh ears that I can create a mix that brings out the best in the songs and something that you’ll love listening to.

I first spend some time listening to and absorbing your song so that I feel it and know where to take it. This also helps me bring out the strengths of the song. Only then will I start work and do the following:

• Gain staging to allow maximum headroom and sonic clarity.

• Volume levels, panning and EQ to balance and bring out every nuance and element.

• Compression to create energy.

• Add ambience using reverb, delay, and other effects to add colour, character and musicality.

I prefer to work on songs that are ready to be mixed, i.e. the vocals are in tune, the instruments are pretty clean, etc. This is simply because editing is time consuming and I prefer to spend my energy on actually creating a beautiful sounding the mix for you. This also save you time as it ensures that I can deliver the songs to you quickly and efficiently.

I do understand though that sometimes things need to be fixed and I’m more then happy to do this work for a little extra money. So once I’ve had an initial listen, if I feel that there is anything that needs work I will let you know and we can work out whether you’d like some additional extras such as:

•Pitch correction

•Drum editing/tightening

•Comping from multiple takes

•Additional instrumentation (keyboards, guitars, backing vocals, etc)

…And I would also like your input

Having done this for many years, I completely understand and empathise that it’s sometimes hard to even imagine handing over their life’s work to a stranger, possibly on the other side of the world and then expect them to deliver a great mix without any input from yourself. So let me put your mind at ease.

Before I start a mix, I’ll ask you what you would like out of the mix and to provide some reference tracks illustrating the general character, style and sound that you’d like to base your mixes on. When I mix, I’ll be referencing your reference tracks so that I can work to a sound and style that you’ll be happy with.

What if you would like some changes to the mix?

Every mix includes up to three rounds of revisions based on your feedback. In my experience, this four stage approach (my first mix, plus three revision mixes) is the perfect way to make sure that your much needed input and idea make it onto my mix, whilst ensuring that it is done in a timely manner.

And, if  you’d like more revisions than you can always opt for the five revisions option for a little extra money.


And as an added bonus, because I mix with a mastering channel already set up in every session, your mixes will be a mastered final track that you can burn to CD. The best part of this is that it is included in the price! No extra cost to you whatsoever.

I work on a per song flat rate. This means that you know before we even agree to work together exactly how much it will cost you to have a full mix done. This also gives you the option to do one song at a time and therefore not have a big financial outlay that you need to pay upfront.

Standard Mixing Package – $300 per song – Professional mixing and mastering – Up to 3 revisions – Delivery of high quality wave and MP3s

Deluxe Mixing Package – $425 per song – Professional mixing and mastering – Up to 5 revisions – Delivery of high quality wave and MP3s

If You Have A Full Album Production…

I have worked on full album productions as well. So if you have a full album that you would like to have my involvement in – recording, producing, consulting, etc – then please do send me a Contact and I we can work out a package deal that works for both of us.


Below are some samples of work I’ve done. Have a good listen and if you like what you hear, then lets work together…



Working with Jay has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and skills as an engineer/producer have supported and enhanced my creative musical ideas. In nine months working with Jay, I’ve accomplished more than in the last ten years combined working on my own. Our partnership is an example of the “whole being greater than the sum of the parts.”

MIKE ROTELLA – Guitarist – ArchangelProductionStudio

Singing at Sacred Sound gave me huge confidence. It was the first time I’d been in a recording studio of any kind and how lucky I was to end up in Jay’s, I felt completely comfortable to do my thing, the quality of sound was awesome while recording and the end product totally blew me away. I got amazing feedback when i shared the recordings both from people i knew and people i didn’t. Way beyond what I thought possible from a small studio on the side of Jay’s House but that’s part of the magic. A peaceful, relaxed atmosphere, the perfect space to express yourself and create sacred sound.


Jay’s production skills allowed our music to be enhanced and delivered to the listener with great affect, without losing the natural, organic creativity of the musicians. He has a wonderful ability as a producer to be firm but friendly, offering guidance and options to suit the individual artist – as opposed to some producers who do things “Their way “ on every project they produce. Jay puts such an amazing amount of energy and effort into working with us to the degree that it was inspiring and created an exciting and positive environment. Over the years I have worked with various producers, though none has put me at ease, listened to my ideas or encouraged and inspired me as much as Jay.

Richard Beardsley – Guitarist for Skin&Bones